Yummy! I love learning something new about wine. One of my favorite wine blogs wrote about a sparkling shiraz recently and I was immediately intrigued. A what? A sparkling shiraz? Hmmmm. Here’s the link So after running around for the past two weeks, I finally got lucky and bumped into one of my favorite wine store owners, Michelle, from Cork and Cow and mentioned to her my quest. Of course she had one in the store, so I told her I would be in on Saturday. It was chilled and ready upon my arrival. That’s right. You have to love your local stores! They will love you back! Anyway, the wine wankers tasted their’s with a pizza and my lovely friend Michelle told me she enjoyed it with barbecue. hmmm again. I ordered a proscuitto and manchego flat bread with mine. It’s fabulous. It’s not a wine I would drink everyday, but it’s definitely one I am glad to know. I will know her again. In my dreams, I would serve it with a barbecued duck spring roll. Just sayin’. So let me tell you the Sparkling Shiraz was a success. Try one.

17 thoughts on “Sparkling Shiraz Success

  1. I’m so glad you were brave and gave it a good shot! I do hope that one day you try it with pizza, or something similar if you’re not a pizza fan. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever had it with a BBQ but I might just give it a go on a warm evening. You’re a pioneer! 😉

    1. I truly did have my heart set on trying it with pizza, but unfortunately it was not served at the wine store I purchased it from, so the flatbread was my closest option. I really do look forward to trying it with pizza one day soon. Thanks again for the wonderful information. I can always count on you for great wine advice!

  2. When I heard about this when in Oz I thought, “You gotta just love the Aussie’s sense of humour”. Up in the Hunter Valley. Red wine. Chilled! With Bubbles! Intrigue won out and I was amazed, it works and I really like it. Back in Sydney asked at the bottle shop and all I got was a blank look. Back in Cork our local wine expert declares that he will be drinking this at Christmas instead of Champagne – and so will I!! Thanks for a great reminder. MM 🍀

  3. I think we’ve already told you that although we enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, Inion more so than myself. We’re no experts to be sure. It occurred to me reading your blog about this delicious sounding wine. That I had always believed wine connoisseurs based their knowledge & love for wine on the wine itself. But as I read your post, I realized that not only do you know the wine intimately, but the type of food or dish that should be served & eaten with the wine. Pretty amazing. I imagine that the wrong wine might make the meal less enjoyable…or is it vice versa? It truly is a talent to be sure & clearly you are at the top of your game. We find ourselves leaving your blog & planning our meals, compliment of the Wine Wanker! Coarse, we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you, that as much as we enjoy your details & recommendations of the delicious wines you sponsor here on your blog. We also enjoy watching you select the right dish to be eaten with them. Weird I know, but it really is fun to read. Crazy thoughts for no apparent reason at all! So, if you can get this in time & let us know before Thursday; We’d love to hear your thoughts on a holiday wine for a traditional Thanksgiving. Oven Baked Turkey, Stuffing, Gravy, Salad, Squash Casserole, Sweet Potatoe Souffle & of course Cranberry Sauce! Hope you can help us before Thursday~ 😛

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your kind words. Thanksgiving is a time to taste and sample everything. My sister and I really love to drink California Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving. The domestic versions have a tendency to be sweeter which works well with all of the saltiness of the meals. It also makes it more palatable for other wine drinking guests. A Pinot Gris is a nice option for your white wine drinkers. It will pair well with the food, too. Enjoy!

  4. I’m going to have to give it a shot now, intrigued. Thanks for the awesome mac and cheese cookoff lastnight. I’m still reveling in carby glory.

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